Why Leggings are the Best

Real pants are classified as anything other than leggings such as jeans, trousers, shorts, or khakis. Maybe it’s because I used to be an athlete, maybe I’m just lazy, maybe it’s because I have a new obsession with yoga, but I honestly do not enjoy wearing real pants. My mom nags me about this nearly everyday I’m home, so I have composed a list for her, and for anyone else who disagrees with my opinion, as to why leggings are the best.

1. Comfort

Leggings are made with a sort of stretchy, soft material that wraps tightly around the legs. They are very lightweight, making them seem as if you weren’t wearing any pants. Additionally, they are extremely flexible and allow you to move freely without feeling constricted.

2. They Go with Everything

This is probably the most important perk of wearing leggings. Given that most pairs of leggings come in the color black, it is easy to quickly throw on a pair and wear it with any shirt. Whether it’s an athletic tank top or a silky blouse, leggings will easily match.

3. Perfect for the Ultimate Lazy Girl

Let’s be honest, not every college girl enjoys waking up earlier than they need to in order to look good for class; it is too much effort. With leggings, you can quickly slide them on and wear a shirt and be on your merry way out the door while still looking semi-stylish.

4. Working out

It makes working out a lot easier when you don’t need to spend every five minutes pulling your pants up. Moreover, leggings are very breathable and soak up some sweat so your legs won’t be a sweaty mess afterward (I know that sounds gross, but it’s a fact)!

5. They Make Everyone’s Legs Look Amazing

Enough said, it’s a fact.

6. Many Colors, Many Styles

Anyone can go into a store, Nordstrom for example, and buy a pair of jeans that you can easily find at any other store such as Macy’s. However, while there are many places that sell leggings, there are so many different colors and styles that no matter which store you go to you can find ones that are unique.

7. Weather Efficient

Rain or shine, leggings are the way to go. Also, they are perfect for spring, fall, and winter. They can be worn in the summer too if you live somewhere that does not get too hot.

8. They Stretch! (Perfect for That Freshman 15 and Sophomore 30)

Everyone knows that when you go to college, you gain a little bit of weight maybe go up a waist size throughout the year. Lucky for you, instead of buying a new pair of jeans, you can wear your leggings instead since they are super stretchy and can stretch around a newfound muffin top.

9. Can be Disguised as Pants Through the Wonderful Invention of Jeggings

I love jeggings. They are the comfiest “jean” I have ever purchased. Why you may wonder? Because they are leggings disguised as jeans, meaning I can seem as though I have real pants on, but in reality, I don’t.

10. Perfect for Almost Every Occasion

Whether you’re going out to a party or going to chill with some friends or studying at the library, leggings are the perfect pant option if you want to stay comfy. They are extremely versatile and stylish, making them a good option of clothing every day. Article credit: Anushka Patel